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Kira needs a special consideration to benefit from PDM

Kira needs a special consideration to equitably benefit from PDM- Mutebi

Kira Municipal Mayor His Worship Julius Mutebi has expressed his dissatisfaction on the criteria upon which the government based to allocate funds under the Parish Development Modal Program. Mutebi expressed this at a function on which 450 million was released to 458 individuals from the six PDM SACCOs that make up the Municipality.

Responding to the needs of PWDs


Assisting devices worth 15m given out

Kira Municipal Council through the Community Development Department using Sector Grant and Locally Raised Revenue has given out assisting devices/support materials worth 14.65 million shillings to the people with disabilities to help them in their movements. These include six tri-cycles, six wheelchairs and fifty-six crutches.