It gives me great pleasure to present the Physical Development Plan 2020-2040 for Kira Municipality. Kira is currently experiencing a high rate of urban expansion influenced by both population migrations from different parts of the country and political decision. Unfortunately, the urbanization process has not been adequately controlled and guided leading to sprawl and poor environment quality. The goal of this plan is to manage the urbanization process and to guide the physical sustainable development of the municipality. The formulation of the Municipal Development Plan was therefore timely.

The Municipality through its consultant M/s GIPEA Africa Limited carried out an elaborative participatory planning process, which included residents of the municipality, Division Councils in the divisions, Central Government, Civil Society, the Private Sector and Academia. Through planning charities, workshops and consultations, the municipality drafted vision, for a transformed population with adequate social services in a well-planned environment for the municipality. The plan therefore provides a path that Kira Municipality should take in order to realize its ambition of becoming a well-organized and attractive tourism municipality by the year 2040.

Kira Municipality is expected to grow to 1,591,390 people by 2040 from 317,157 in 2014. As the municipality continues to struggle with a sprawling population from the GKMA region and immigration from the rest of the country this has resulted in numerous haphazard settlements, garbage and poor living conditions in some densely populated areas of the municipality. Therefore, there is an urgent need to implement the plan so as to check on these unwanted conditions in the municipality. The plan presents ambitious but attainable development proposals and recommendations to address the existing spatial inequalities and informality. With the concerted effort of everybody within and without the municipality, this plan will drive future development through a more equitable, balanced, environmental, economically and socially acceptable manner.

In a bid to realize the vision of the Plan of transforming Kira Municipality that will benefit all of its residents and visitors, we must be determined in applying and implementing the plan. With the continued usual cooperation and hard work,

dedication and successful application, I transform Kira into an economically stable, attractive, sustainable and a modern municipality in the entire country.

Once again, I thank everybody who made this participatory plan possible, I am greatly humbled and congratulate the people of Kira Municipality, that this is one of the few municipal Physical Development Plan in Uganda.