As mandated by the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda under Local Government Act Cap 243the Chairperson Namugongo Division Hon. Nkalubo Ronald Bulega (NUP) has today presented the names of his Vice Chairperson and other Executive Members in the Council which has been held at the Division Headquarters. Nkalubo the Second Chairperson of the Division having replaced the Pioneer Chairperson Ernest Mukulu Gaster Mukasa DP (2016/2021), has appointed Hon. Nampiima Halima (NUP) Woman representing Kireka C to be his Vice, Hon. Apolot Mary (NUP) representing Namugongo Nsawo and Janda to be the Secretary for Social Services, Health and Community based, Hon. Ssesanga Hamuzah (NUP) representing Kireka Central to be the secretary Finance, Planning and Administration and Hon. Wamala Ahmed (FDC) representing Kamuli A as the Secretary for Production and Marketing as he retains the responsibilities over works components and the Council under the speakership of Hon. Ramadan Kabanda approved them.

In his speech Nkalubo informed the Council as he had made 100 days in the office and working with a new Accounting Officer- Mrs. Kiiza Flora who had just been transferred to the Division, faced with the challenge of lack of funds to execute the expected duties. “ I wish to thank the Municipal Council which came to our rescue by providing us with the fuel which we have used to manage working on the roads but if it wasn’t that we were and still in a poor financial status since the Central Government has not yet released funds despite we collect Local Revenue and send it to the center as required by the law. On the same note I wish to appreciate Wakiso District Woman Member of Parliament Hon. Betty Ethel Naluyima who of recently tabled a motion which was approved and passed by the Parliament to ensure that Decentralization fully function with local governments regaining their financial mandate and management without being interfered with by center as it is the case today, delaying service delivery”

“I strongly believe that whence we regain our full financial mandate we shall be in position to provide timely service to our people but it doesn’t necessary stop the center from monitoring us” he added.

In the same Council session Committee chairpersons were elected and Hon. Nabukalu Phionah (NRM) Female Youth Councilor was elected to chair the Finance,Planning and Administration Committee.

Nabukalu who is in this Council for the second term was on the same Committee in the first term (2016/2021) from where she performed well thus winning her support from all the old Councilors with whom she had served with in the old council.

Hon. Magoba Henry (NUP) representing Naalya Estate was elected to chair the Social Service Committee and Hon. Ddungu Tiff (NUP) from Kasokoso elected to chair the Works and production Committee.

Kira Municipal Deputy Mayor Hon. Rashidah Nannyonga Musoke who also attended the Council told Councilors that being on a particular Committee does not stop them from attending to other committee sittings to learn from there and also give views though when it comes voting non- members are not allowed to be part.

She also requested the Technical staff members to use their experience to guide the Councilors where necessary. “Many of the Technical staff have been in the service for long and in terms of academics they have studied a lot and when I look at many of the Honorable Councilors are still young and fresh from schools meaning you may have the theory part but given the saying that experience is the best teacher, you should learn from one another but not to pull and push”. She added.

In attendance was also the Kira Municipal Council Town Clerk Mr. Benon Yiga and in his remakes warned the Councilors that Politics is not about power but responsibility. “Do not let power go onto your heads and start putting Technical Staff on tenterhooks: your fair or success will depend on how you relate with the Technical team since for you only instruct and for they implement and thereafter you monitor their performance” he advised