According to government budgeting cycle provision and Public Finance Management Act 2015, and as part of the consultative process, the Accounting office is required to prepare a Budget frame work (Budget Conference report) of the financial year preceding, which is used to inform the budget estimates for the following year, and in line with the above provision the Chairperson Namugongo Division Hon. Nkalubo Ronald, has today called for a Division budget conference with the objective of community stakeholders consultation to review performance of the Division development plan for the current financial year and generate views from stakeholders for inclusion in the coming financial year plan (budget estimates) and also the priorities for the budget estimates for the financial year 2022/2023.

According to his presentation the emphasis for this year’s plan will be based on the key program areas of the NDP III whose main goal is to increase household income and improve the quality of life of the community members.

Some of the program areas are; Agro Industrialization, Tourism Development, Natural Resource Climate Change, land and water management Development, Private sector Development, Manufacturing, Integrated Transport Infrastructure and services, Sustainable Energy Development, Digital Transformation, Sustainable Urbanization and Housing, Community Mobilization and Mind Set Change, Governance and security, Public Sector Transformation among others among other.

In order to have the community fully involved, the planning process begun with a Technical Planning Committee (TPC) meeting to agree on the Budget process, the Division conducted cell and ward consultative data collection from which priorities were identified for implementation in the next financial year.

In view of the above, the departments in charge of the key program areas will present to the stakeholders the achievements for the F/Y 2020/2021, the challenges encountered and the implementation status for the current F/Y. There after stakeholders will be requested to give their views on the plans they wish to be implemented by the Division council.

On the issue of security in the area Nkalubo told members attending the budget conference that it’s the community members to ensure that they are safe. ‘Safety starts with you: even if we get a full battalion of soldiers in the area when our own children are the ones terrorizing the community in the process of snatching bags and phone and at the end of the day we protect them the situation will just worsen and we shall be the ones failing security operative from performing their duties” warned Nkalubo.

On the issue of community hygiene Nkalubo said that many people living in perimeter walls fences have a tendency of opening for their sewage into the community at night and when it rains thus causing risks to the community. On this he instructed the health and enforcement team to do all it takes to take such heartless people to courts of law.